Boston CNA Classes

There are several CNA classes offered in Boston. If you wished to start a career in the medical field, you can take a CNA class and become certified as a nursing assistant. CNA’s are often offered a competitive wage in Boston. This is also a stable job to consider in these tough economic times. So if you are unemployed or you simply want to shift a career, become a CNA in Boston. As a nursing assistant, you will be assisting the nurses and other members of the healthcare team in providing the best healthcare services to patients. This job will be exciting for you, especially if you want to make an impact to others.

Career Requirements for CNAs in Boston

Aspiring certified nursing assistants have several program options for CNA classes in Boston. There are vocational schools and 2-year colleges that offer home health aide and nursing assistant certificate programs. The curriculum is comprised of clinical experiences, classroom lectures, laboratory work and practicum in order to allow students to learn the basic knowledge and skills for certified nursing assistants.
Nursing assistants have to be listed in the state Nurse Aide Registry which is regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health before they can work in different healthcare facilities. In order to be listed, the nursing assistant should finish state approved program that has 75 hours of clinical training in any accredited school.

Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District

This public institution in Upton offers Boston  based CNA classes to students in their 9th to 12th grades. Students can learn the basic nursing knowledge such as anatomy, nutrition, safety and medical terminology, and they can take the certification exam after their 11th grade. Once the students reached the 12th grade, they will be exposed in a long term care facility while being trained to administer medications to patients. This will be a paid internship for students but they have to maintain excellent attendance and grades all throughout in order to be in the program.

Bristol Community College

The Bristol Community College has a six-credit certificate program for nursing assistants in their campus at Fall River. Before the admissions, students have to present a high school diploma or a GED certificate, and they to pass a background check, health screening and CPR training. They will be able to learn the basic patient care skills through their classroom lectures, laboratory work and internships at long-term care facilities.

Cape Cod Community College

The Cape Cod Community College has a nursing assistant and home health aide program in West Barnstable. The length of the program is 15 weeks; with daytime and evening class options offered thrice a week. Students in this training program will learn technical nursing skills and they will be able to study caring behaviours. They will also be exposed in hospitals and long term care facilities near the area so that they will have an opportunity to practice what they learn.

Greater Lowell Technical School

The Greater Lowell Technical School has been offering a nurse assistant (CNA) training program for a long time. GLTS Boston CNA classes are held at night and it consists of 86 hours on classroom lectures and lab training, with 32 hours of clinical exposure to local nursing homes. The program is limited to 16 applicants only, who pass the math and reading assessment test.

New York CNA Classes

One of the busiest cities in the world is New York. If you want to have a stable career in this place, you can take a certification exam for nursing assistants. However, before that happens, it is important to finish a training program first in an accredited school or organization. There are a lot of CNA classes in New York that you can choose from. These classes may vary from one organization to the other but it will give you an opportunity to know the basic functions of a CNA and the other members of the healthcare team.

Medgar Evers College

As part of the CUNY of City University of New York, Medgar Evers College offers programs on baccalaureate and associate degrees. They also have an adult or continuing education program which are often health related trainings, courses and workshops. This includes patient care technician, certified nursing assistant, emergency medical technician and medical billing and coding programs.
The training program for nursing assistants in Medgar Evers College is a 120-hour program offered in three options. The first option is the accelerated program which has a total of 18 sessions conducted from Mondays to Thursdays, all in day time classes. The second option is the evening program which has 28 sessions conducted every evening of Mondays to Thursdays. Lastly, the third option is the Saturday program which has a total of 13 sessions. Through this program, students can learn the basic patient care, especially in assisting patients for their activities of daily living. Whatever option a student can take, he/she has to complete 90 hours of classroom lectures and 30 hours of clinical exposure.

LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College is one of the best community colleges in the United States where you can find great CNA classes in New York. It offers affordable fees for several associate degree programs including a program for aspiring certified nursing assistants. The CNA training program in this institution is consist of 120 hours; 90 hours of which is for classroom lectures and the remaining 30 hours is conducted in a nursing facility. Students who take this course can learn several nursing skills such as EKG (electrocardiograph) reading, technical skills, first aid skills, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and many others. They will also be exposed in different healthcare settings like hospitals and nursing homes so that they know what to expect in the real scenario. Overall, students will be given an additional 15 hours of preparation for the state certification exam on nursing assistants.

York College

York College also has a training program for nursing assistants aspiring to take CNA classes in New York. Similar to other institutions, York College provides classroom lectures, lab work and 35 hour externship. Students at this program will learn to provide the basic nursing care to patients like grooming, feeding, and bathing. The instructors will also discuss health related subjects like anatomy, resident’s rights, physiology, personal care skills as well as basic restorative services. After the entire program, students will then be eligible to take the New York State certification exam for nursing assistants.

CNA Classes in Houston

There are a lot of individuals nowadays who are unemployed and are having a hard time seeking a job. Fortunately, the healthcare field offers vast opportunities for anyone who wished to have a stable career in Houston. Nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities are in need of Certified Nursing Assistants. To be a CNA, you have to finish a training program in any schools or accredited organizations and pass the certification exam provided by the state. Or in other words, you must pass CNA classes in Houston and then take your certification exam. When you have your certification, you can be eligible to work in any healthcare facilities in Houston.

CNA Classes at Senior Care Centers

The Senior Care Centers in Nashville and Whitesboro offers a free CNA classes that run for 75 hours of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical sessions. This is a great opportunity for individuals who wished to start a career in the healthcare field or who wanted to gain a stable and well compensated job in the state of Texas. The training program allows students to gain the necessary knowledge about nursing and the skills needed to perform different procedures in caring the sick patients and treating them while being admitted on a healthcare facility.

Park Manor Nursing Home

For those who wished to avail a no cost CNA classes training program in Houston, TX, Park Manor Nursing Home offers this opportunity all throughout the year. Slots are limited that is why anyone wishing to avail it should inquire and register beforehand. The good thing about the program is it allows students to learn and practice the necessary knowledge and skills of CNA’s. It also prepares them for the certification exam which is provided by the Nursing Board Registry of the state of Texas.

Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead Senior Care also offers a Houston based CNA classes in their facility. The training is more hands-on because it happens inside their facility but it also teaches students the right way of handling patients at different age groups particularly geriatric individuals. Those who look for opportunities in the healthcare field can start a training program for nursing assistants and make it a stepping stone towards another career in the future.

Austin Community College

The Austin Community College offers a scholarship program for aspiring nursing assistants. This scholarship costs $2500 which includes the fees for tuition, books and other nursing program expenses. Applicants granted for this scholarship should have a 2.5 GPA and pass the necessary requirements based on the given deadline of the institution. Those who cannot avail the scholarship can re-apply every year and should ensure to complete the needed documents.

Angelina College

There are also scholarship programs offered at Angelina College. If you wished to undergo a CNA classes in Houston without spending any dime, you can apply any of these opportunities from their institution. Students under the scholarship program will also learn the basic knowledge and skills for certified nursing assistants and they will be exposed in actual clinical setting. They are expected to perform well on classroom lectures and clinical exposure, especially during the state approved certification exam.

CNA Classes in Miami

Certified nursing assistants play an essential role in any healthcare facilities. They perform basic nursing procedures and assist other medical professionals in providing quality healthcare services to individuals in need. If you want to start this kind of career, you better know where the CNA classes in Miami are held. Through this, you will have an idea on how to jumpstart this profession and gain stability on your career growth and income. CNA’s are very much in needed in nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals and other facilities. Hence, you can always have an opportunity to be employed in Miami.

Requirements for Aspiring CNAs in Miami

Individuals who aspire to become a Certified Nursing Assistants in Miami should abide the state and federal laws regarding its requirements. They have to earn a high school diploma or should receive good scores on math and reading competency tests. Aside from that, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification is needed together with negative tuberculosis screening and proof of vaccinations.

Taking CNA Classes in Miami

Regardless of where you take the CNA class, the training program usually lasts for 8 weeks or less. The topics discussed in the entire class will cover subjects like anatomy, medical ethics, infection guidelines, patient rights, medical terminology, disease process and many others. This will also include nursing skills on pre and post operative cases, patient communication, patient hygiene and administrative duties.

Schools in Miami offering CNA Classes in Miami, FL:

Robert Morgan Educational Center

Robert Morgan Educational Center is a secondary public school which also offers vocational courses for aspiring nursing assistants. The training program is similar to any other institutions in Miama but they also have a 6-month study coursework for patient care technicians. This is an advance nursing assistant training program which is licensed by the state. Although not required to all aspiring CNA’s, students can pursue this kind of program to learn more skills and become equipped in the medical field.
To enrol in the program, an applicant should be 16 years or older and should pass the physical exams, criminal background checks and fingerprinting. Topics discussed are phlebotomy procedures, electrocardiograph training, nursing assistant skills and health sciences.

Sheridan Technical Center

Sheridan Technical Center offers regular CNA classes in Miami. It aims to prepare nursing assistants for their future career in different healthcare settings, especially the certification exam that will be given by the state. Students for the program have to undergo classroom sessions and hands-on training which will include safety and security procedures, personal patient services, nutrition, emergency response, phlebotomy, anatomy, medical terminologies and many others.

Lindsey Hopkins Technical Educational Center

This vocational school in Miami offers a career training program to adults and high school graduates who wished to become a certified nursing assistant and take Miami based CNA classes. The school partners with agencies like Miami Homeless Assistance Center, Miami Rescue Mission, and Miami Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in order to provide the students an opportunity to practice what they learned from the classroom sessions. Half of the program is taught in the clinical setting while the remaining half is within the classroom premises. Students can expect to learn several nursing skills in order to prepare them for the upcoming certification exam.

CNA Classes in MN Minnesota Minneapolis

The unemployment rate in United States is increasing every year. If you are one of those individuals who cannot secure a job, there are opportunities for you in the medical field. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Minnesota Minneapolis is easier than expected. As long as you undergo the CNA classes in Minnesota and finish the entire classroom and practical sessions, you can take the state certification exam and become an eligible nursing assistant or CNA. Just choose among these schools where CNA classes in MN Minnesota Minneapolis are conducted.

University of Minnesota-Duluth

The University of Minnesota-Duluth offers more than 100 degree programs including a training for nursing assistants. This short course program equips students for the certification exam provided by the state. They teach the basic nursing skills like vital signs taking, catheterization, proper hygiene and many others. They also provide classroom sessions to equip students with the knowledge on anatomy, disease process and its necessary treatments.

Lake Superior College

Lake Superior College offers different unique programs like dialysis patent care, associate in fine arts and professional piloting. Students who are interested in the nursing field can also take a training program for CNA’s. This short course program is a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on clinical training in the hospital, nursing homes or long term care facilities so that students can apply what they learn and be more prepared for the certification exam. Lake Superior College has high passing rates in the nursing assistant certification exam for the past years.

CNA Classes by American Red Cross in Minnesota,MN

American Red Cross also offers CNA classes in Minneapolis. You just have to visit their main office in the state and enrol in this kind of exciting program. As a potential nursing assistant, the American Red Cross will prepare its students with the right knowledge and skills to provide quality healthcare services to residents in hospitals, hospice settings, home health care, and long term care facilities. They will also prepare every nurse assistant for the certification exam so they can work eligibly in any health care settings. Topics like anatomy, proper communication, basic hygiene and many others are discussed all throughout the program.

The College of Saint Scholastica

Aside from offering 60 degree programs, the College of Saint Scholastica also provides a short course training for aspiring nursing assistants or Minnesota based CNA Classes. This is a great opportunity for those who wanted to work right away in the medical field. The program covers several nursing topics to equip students in their future career and certification exam. They do not only imply the basic nursing knowledge but they also teach several skills that are needed for their students in the field. Most importantly, students under the program are supervised by licensed medical professionals who have good background in the healthcare setting.

CNA Classes in Chicago

There is a bright future for Certified Nursing Assistants in Chicago. Several healthcare facilities are hiring CNA’s, nurses and doctors because of the aging population. Even if you are a high school graduate, an unemployed mother or an out of school youth, you can start working in the medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are a number of schools and institutions providing CNA classes in Chicago. You just have to finish the entire CNA course and take the state certification exam before you can finally work in nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities.

City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S. Truman College

Among the health career programs offered by Truman College Continuing Education is the BNA or basic nursing assistant program at the City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S. Truman. Students are required to pay additional fees for their criminal background checks and supplies, aside from their regular tuition fees for the entire course. The BNA program can be taken during daytime, evening or weekend, in order to provide opportunities for those who are currently employed. It is also a combination of theoretical based study and clinical exposure so students will learn the basic knowledge and skills that a nursing assistant should possess.

Morton College

Morton College is one of the oldest colleges in Illinois with several degree programs provided to students. The training program for nursing assistants (Chicago CNA Classes) is offered for 8 weeks and this will usually include classroom lectures and clinical education of 40 hours. Applicants for the program should be 16 years old or above and must have a negative criminal background. They should also show a proof of CPR certification, current immunizations, malpractice insurance and physical examinations. Students who will take the CNA training program are going to be immersed in the clinical setting in order to prepare them for the certification exam and future career.

CNA Classes in Chicago Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology

Several allied health training programs are offered by the Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology. This kind of program can be taken at daytime or night time, depending on the availability of the student. The entire CNA class is composed of 120 hours; 80 hours of which is for classroom lectures and the remaining 40 hours is for supervised clinical education. Students can learn several nursing skills like basic healthcare, infection control, vital signs taking, proper nutrition and even computer use. All applicants have to show a proof of their high school diploma, pass drug screenings, physical examinations and should possess a valid driver’s license prior to enrolment. They should also have a minimum grade of C, a valid CPR certification and pass a criminal background check. After the program, students can be qualified to take the state certification exam for nursing assistants.

CNA Classes in Charlotte NC

There are a lot of job opportunities for individuals who wished to pursue a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant in North Carolina. Nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities are in need of nursing assistants who are certified by the state. These institutions offer great compensation package and an opportunity for career growth. Thus, if it interests you to care for the aged people, young and adult alike, you can enrol CNA classes in Charlotte NC and earn a license to work for these healthcare facilities.

Fayetteville Technical Community College

The CNA classes offered by Fayetteville Technical Community College prepares the students for their certification exams which are required by the North Carolina Healthcare Personnel Registry. This 2-semester training program provides every student an opportunity to learn and be trained under the supervision of licensed practical nurses and other medical professionals. They will learn to take the vital signs, insert catheters, monitor nutrition, communicate with patients properly and many other nursing skills. However, before these exciting things will take place, students have to show a proof of negative TB test result, current vaccination records and a CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation card.

Gaston College

Gaston College is another 2-year public school in North Carolina that offers several vocational and associate degree programs. They have Charlotte based CNA classes for nursing assistants but every student should complete the nursing assistant I course first before they can enrol on the second course. Students for this training program will learn the basic nursing skills such as personal care, medical equipment assistance and many others. Once they proceed on the next course, they will learn advanced skills like catheterization, oxygen therapy, respiratory care and wound dressing.

Divine Health Academy

Divine Health Academy offers a training program for aspiring nursing assistants or CNA classes in Charlotte, NC. They are dedicated in providing quality education to those who wished to work in the medical field. Students will learn the basic knowledge, skills and attitude to be a competent and qualified certified nursing assistant. They provide classroom lectures and clinical trainings on several nursing topics and skills. They also ensure that students are prepared for the certification exam especially when the time comes that they will be working in the medical field.

Umanah Healthcare Institute

Umanah Healthcare Institute offers several training programs including Nursing Assistant I and II classes. This vocational school provides quality education to students who aspire to work in the medical field. They have small class sizes for the CNA classes, which is beneficial to the student’s learning. That is why, most of the students under this program pass the certification exam given by the state because of their rigorous and more in depth approach to learning. Moreover, the school also ensures that every student is equipped with the basic skills for nursing assistants. They do not only provide hands-on teaching but they also supervise the students with their licensed practical nurses and medical professionals.

CNA Classes in Utah

Certified nursing assistants (CNA) play a vital role in any health care facilities. They assist the nurses, doctors and other members of the health care team in providing the best services to patients who are sick and healthy. In Utah, several schools and medical institutions offer CNA classes. These facilities will let the students learn the necessary knowledge and skills to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and will allow them to be prepared for the advancement of their careers. There are also online classes for those who cannot commit daytime schedules because of their work. As long as you choose the right school that fits for you, it will not be difficult to become a CNA in Utah.

Salt Lake Community College

One of the best colleges in Utah that offers full time education on Certified Nursing Assistants is the Salt Lake Community College. It is the largest institution in the state that provides several associate degrees and programs for certification. Individuals who wished to become a CNA will go through an extensive study of several disease processes and its corresponding approach to treatment. They will have to complete the subjects like anatomy, human interaction, physiology and bacteriology; and pass the clinical exposure before taking the exams.

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College

There are several opportunities for individuals who wished to pursue a healthcare certification program in Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College. The school offers a CNA classes in Utah that qualifies any student to take the CNA certification exams. It covers 86 hours of Nursing Assistant, 16 hours of Nursing Assistant Clinical LTC and 8 hours of Clinical Preparation. Students can also opt for a refresher course on nursing assistant (which usually covers around 60 hours of study) in order to take the CNA exam. Anyone who completes the program will not only be prepared for the exam but will also be equipped on the necessary knowledge and skills for needed to care for patients in home care settings, long-term care facilities and hospitals.

Online CNA Classes in Utah

It is possible to undergo online CNA classes in Utah. If you have a lot of responsibilities at home and you have a regular job to attend every day, you can choose an online program and finish the classes anytime at your convenience. Most of these classes are offered by several schools and colleges in Utah. Just inquire and they will give you different options on how to finish your CNA program.
• Mountainland Applied Technology College
• Snow College
• Bridgerland Applied Technology College
• Davis ATC
• Northridge High School
• CNA Now, LLC
• Stevens-Henager College
• Provo College
• Fremont High School
• Hazen Nursing Home
• And many others.

Additional Tips for CNAs in Utah

Becoming a CNA provides a number of career opportunities. If you have earned a licensed as a CNA, always remember that it has an expiration period. Renew it before the validity of your license and make sure to abide the rules of the state regarding licensed professionals in the medical field.

CNA Classes in Los Angeles

The healthcare field provides numerous opportunities for individuals who wished to grow and earn a stable income. There are several nursing homes, hospitals and facilities in Los Angeles that need a lot of nurses, certified nursing assistants and doctors for patients who are sick, living and well. If you want to start working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the annual salary can range from $22,535 to $36,361, depending on your experience, location, education and other factors. This career can be the best option for you to provide for your needs and your family. Start inquiring at several schools, facilities and institutions in Los Angeles, and know how to become a Certified Nursing Assistant through their help. But first you need to take CNA Classes in Los Angeles.

American River College

The training program for nurse assistants in American River College is limited to 15 students per class. Students have to attend a mandatory orientation before they can begin. The entire CNA classes in LA will cover essential topics like infection control, effective communication, patient care skills and resident’s rights; and this is combined with a hands-on clinical training so that nursing assistants can apply what they learn and become competent in the medical field.

Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College offers a nursing assistant program (L.A. CNA Classes) equivalent to six units. In this program, students can learn the basic nursing skills like vital signs taking, obtaining specimens, documenting patient information and giving basic hygiene to patients. They will also learn health related topics like resident’s rights, basic anatomy, healthcare safety and many others. Once the training is completed, students can be eligible to take the competency exam for nursing assistants.

Lake Tahoe Community College

The 8-unit CNA classes in Los Angeles offered in Lake Tahoe Community College is a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on clinical experience. This is usually offered during fall and can be completed within one quarter. The good thing about this nursing assistant program is it prepares the student for their certification exam in Los Angeles. It also allows them to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles Valley College provides nursing assistant training program to aspiring students who want to work in long-term care facilities and nursing homes. The 20-hour program is certified by the state and includes classroom study and clinical experiences. It provides students the necessary knowledge and skills to be prepared for the exam and their future career.

Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College offers six weeks of nursing assistant training program or L.A. CNA classes. Students have to complete 54 hours of classroom study and 108 clinical exposures before they can be eligible for the certification exam. The college offers this kind of training program during winter or summer semesters and it is a “pass or no pass” grade basis. Applicants should be at least 16 years old or above, with a certification of CPR from the American Heart Association before they can enrol.
There are still a lot of schools in Los Angeles that offers CNA classes. Wherever you take the training program, the most important thing to consider is you pass the certification exam and follow the qualifications of the state.