CNA Classes in Atlanta GA

Believe it or not, certified nursing assistants in Atlanta, Georgia have a greater career ahead of them. They can pursue a degree in nursing or shift to another career in the medical field. Becoming a CNA is not difficult as anyone can think off. It may be a little challenging for those who are not acquainted in the medical field but the training program will equip you to earn a license and work in any healthcare setting with confidence. The CNA Classes in Atlanta GA are held in a few weeks and depending on the institution, you can take it at daytime, night time or through online.

Albany Technical College

Albany Technical College provides an opportunity for nurse aid students to earn a 23-credit certificate on patient care assistant. However, student enrolees should be 17 years old or above and should present a high school diploma or pass the basic assessment test on algebra, writing and reading. Successful applicants can learn the basic nursing skills, particularly on subjects like anatomy, physiology, nutrition, medical terminology and many others. They will also be exposed in different clinical setting as part of the curriculum, so that they can practice their nursing knowledge and prepare for the exam.

Atlanta Technical College

Students in Atlanta Technical College will be prepared for the placement exam provided by the state’s nurse aide registry. They will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in order to give the best healthcare services to old and young patients. The good thing about the training program in Atlanta Technical College is it allows students to earn 23 credit hours. They can have the opportunity to study further in the nursing coursework or they can proceed to other healthcare related short courses. Included in the CNA Classes in Atlanta GA are subjects like anatomy, physiology, interpersonal communication, medical terminology and many others.

Central Georgia Technical College

The Central Georgia Technical College has two certificate programs for aspiring certified nursing assistants. These are the nurse aid training program at Milledgeville and Macon campuses, and the patient care assisting training program at the Macon campus. Basically, the CNA Classes in Atlanta GA have 4 courses with 13 credits while the patient care assisting program has 23 course credits and a total of 450 hours. Students enrolled in any of these course works can learn the basics of nursing profession, different medical terminologies, fundamental skills and many others. They will also experience handling real patients who are admitted in hospitals, nursing homes or aged care facilities.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Students who wished to become a CNA in the state of Georgia can be fully equipped at Georgia Northwestern Technical College. The campus offers a certificate program in health care assisting, as well as a certificate program in patient care assisting. These courses may have a certain credit hour but it allows students to learn anatomy, psychology, physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, first aid, and patient care skills. They will have classroom lectures and clinical trainings with the supervision of a licensed nurse or LPN.