CNA Classes in Detroit MI

Starting a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Michigan is a great option to earn a well-compensated salary and a stable job. Several healthcare facilities are in need of nursing assistants who are certified by the state and who can work in flexible hours. The good thing about taking a CNA training program is the number of schools offering free CNA classes and low-cost training programs. As long as the individual finishes the entire course and successfully pass the certification exam, it will not be difficult to gain employment within Detroit, Michigan.

Free CNA Classes in Detroit MI

It is possible to undergo a free CNA training in Michigan by inquiring at the state Red Cross chapter. This eligible organization offers a CNA training program for individuals who fall in the salary bracket of $40,000 or less. Some technical schools and community colleges also offer a training program for aspiring nursing assistants. This is often limited to some individuals that is why it is important to contact their financial aid office in order to know the requirements needed in availing free CNA training program.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids

The Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids has a nursing assistant training program provided with the help of Porter Hills Village. The program is not provided for free, usually $1800, but there is a financial assistance available for those who wished to avail scholarships or discounts. Enrolling a CNA training program in this institution has helped hundreds of individuals in the state of Michigan. After completing the program, there will be a job placement offer as well as 180 days of job retention services.

Greater Horizon Training Institute Scholarship

The Greater Horizon Training Institute Scholarship offers an excellent training program for nursing assistants. Students can take either day or evening CNA Classes in Detroit MI, which is a combination of classroom lectures and clinical laboratory trainings. The aspiring CNA’s can also avail scholarship programs, depending on the institution and availability of slots. Overall, the training program will allow students to be prepared for the certification exam provided by the state.

Hazy Institute

Hazy Institute offers a 75-hour CNA training program that includes practical learning and classroom lectures. The cost for this is $500 compared to other schools in Michigan. Flexible payment options are also available for those who cannot afford. However, before a student can avail a low cost CNA training, he/she has to inquire at the institute’s financial aid office to know the availability of scholarships and grants.

Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship Program

For those who want to avail a free CNA Classes in Detroit MI, the Michigan Nurses Foundation has a scholarship opportunity. This program started in 2000 as a way of advancing the nursing profession and education. To qualify, the applicant should enrol in a LPN training program and should have a good academic standing. Every year, there are only four scholarships available so applicants have to be prepared for the entire application process and be able to submit the needed documents before the said deadline.