CNA Classes in Jackson MS

Certified nursing assistants in Mississippi are in demand because of the increasing number of individuals who need healthcare services. Individuals who want to gain stable employment and good compensation package should start undergoing CNA Classes in Jackson MS in any state approved institution of Mississippi. These classes do not take long compared to associate and bachelor’s degree courses but it can be a good start to advance one’s career in the healthcare profession.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Jackson MS

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Mississippi is not difficult. To start with, you must finish a CNA Classes in Jackson MS and prepare for the certification exam. This exam is very important because no one is allowed to work in any healthcare facility if he/she is not licensed. Thus, the exam should be passed after completing the nursing assistant training program in a selected institution of Mississippi. An individual who applies for the state approved exam should prepare for written and skill test assessments. This can be a challenging for most applicants but there are re-takes available for those who cannot pass. The most important thing in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is to internalize the lessons learned from classroom sessions and laboratory exposures.

Schools offering CNA Classes:

Coahoma Community College-Clarksdale

The Coahoma Community College of Clarksdale offers a nurse aide course that lasts for 90 hours. This kind of training program prepares students for the CNA exam in the State of Mississippi and also allows them to gain the basic knowledge and skills for the profession. Applicants for the program should present a GED or a high school diploma, proof of immunization records, a valid driver’s license, negative TB screen result, valid photo ID and basic English and Math test. One must also pass the criminal background check in order to be admitted on the program. Fees for entire course can roughly reach to $850, depending on per semester charges.

CNA Training Center – Mississippi

The CNA Training Center offers a 130-hour program which lasts six weeks. Students can freely choose their schedule, depending on their convenience. They can either go for a morning class or an evening session. However, there are only 6 classes offered every year so aspiring applicants should enrol and get a slot beforehand in order to undergo the training program. The payment cost usually reaches to $2800 which entitles a student to use the training center’s equipments for free. The CNA Training Center classroom is filled with tools, equipments and other materials to perform the basic nursing skills. Therefore, one can learn a lot from their classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory trainings.

East Mississippi Community College

The East Mississippi Community College offers CNA Classes in Jackson MS that lasts for 7 weeks. These classes are usually held twice a week and it covers 84 hours of classroom lectures and 16 hours of clinical sessions. Students can choose a day time class or an evening class, depending on which is convenient for her/him. The entire program costs $450 and it includes textbooks and other training related materials. As part of the program, students can also gain a CPR certification.