CNA Classes in Jacksonville FL

Certified nursing assistants in Jacksonville Florida are well paid. They often have the best compensation packages because their hourly rate is higher than those who do not work in the medical field. If you wished to become a CNA and change your career to consistently provide for your family’s needs, undergoing a training program is necessary. These CNA classes can only be obtained from state approved facilities in Jacksonville Florida. So to jumpstart your training program, get to know these schools and see how they can help you become a certified nursing assistant.

Atlantic Technical Center

The health sciences department of Atlantic Technical Center offers a technical nursing assistant program in the Arthur Ashe campus. This program comprises of 600 hours which is equally divided to clinical practice and theoretical instruction. Once a student finishes the program, he/she can eligibly sit for the certification exam and submit a Ready to Work credential for the State of Florida.

Florida Keys Community College

The Florida Keys Community College also offers a CNA Classes in Jacksonville FL. This is often based on the student necessity or the number of individuals who wished to pursue the program. Nevertheless, the Florida Keys Community College provides a165-hour training, which is broken to 90 hours of health related classroom sessions and segmented clinical exposure. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the nursing field.

Fort Myers Institute of Technology

The Fort Myers Institute of Technology offers several degree programs including a program for aspiring certified nursing assistants. The length of the program is 120 hours and divided into classroom learning and clinical exposure. Individuals who undergo the program will be prepared for the certification exam and their future employment in different clinical setting. They will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills along the training program,

Indian River State College

Every year, there are more than 17,000 students enrolled in Indian River State College to take their respective degrees. For those who wished to pursue a training program for CNA’s, students spend 20 hours a week for their classroom lectures. This is also combined with clinical exposure to nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Nursing assistants who take the program will be prepared for the certification exam. They can work their way up to become a registered nurse and they can also have a lot of employment opportunities in the state of Florida.

Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center

Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center is a 2-year higher learning institution that also offers a training program for CNA Classes in Jacksonville FL. The curriculum they provide is also a combination of clinical practice and laboratory theory. Students will learn the basic safety drills, nursing care, therapeutic communication, handling equipments and many more. They will also be exposed in the actual health care setting, caring the patients in nursing homes, hospitals or long term care facilities, since the program covers 290 hours all in all. Nonetheless, the CNA training program in Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center is supervised by registered nurses and LPN’s.