CNA Classes in Knoxville TN

Certified Nursing Assistants are often one of the most stable professions in these tough economic times. There are several healthcare facilities that are in need of CNA’s because of the increasing patient admissions in hospitals, long term care facilities and nursing homes. This is why individuals who want to secure a stable job in Tennessee can take a CNA class in a state approved facility or school in order to be eligible for the certification exam. Passing the certification exam will allow an individual to work in any healthcare facility. This will also let him/her pursue further studies, in case an advancement of career is looked forward. To know more about the CNA classes in Knoxville Tennessee, here are some of the schools which you can enrol at.

Tennessee Technology Center

The Tennessee Technology Center has a CNA Class in Knoxville TN that includes 60 hours of hands-on clinical training and 75 hours of classroom lectures. The clinical instruction is usually offered in an approved long-term care facility wherein students are able to learn skills needed for their employment in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and many others. New classes are offered every month as the training program can be finished within 4 weeks. Individuals who wished to work in this industry should be prepared for the challenges they will be taking because they need to learn the right knowledge and skills for their certification exam.

Tennessee Technology Center

The Tennessee Technology Center also offers CNA Classes in Knoxville TNm that includes both classroom lectures and clinical instructions. This program has a total of 100 hours and allows students to learn various topics about the profession and the skills they need to possess. Students will go through several lectures, hands-on training and lab work all throughout the pogram and they will be exposed in different clinical setting so they can care real patients and practice their learning.

Alvin C. York Institute – Jamestown

Alvin C. York Institute in Jamestown offers a CNA Classes in Knoxville Tennessee and a dual credit option for individuals who are on their high school or college level. Anyone who wishes to become a certified nursing assistant will receive classroom lectures and hands-on experience. They will be prepared for the upcoming certification exam and they will be knowledgeable on the basic nursing skills. Certified nursing assistants are greatly needed in several healthcare facilities and this institution will prepare the students for their career in the future.

Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home – Savannah

Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home in Savannah is an institution providing vocational CNA training program for aspiring students. This facility offers several training programs in a year for students who wished to become a certified nursing assistant or those who want to use this job as a stepping stone towards further advancement. Students enrolled in the program should present a high school diploma or GED, vaccination records, criminal background check, and TB test result. They will be educated to prepare for the certification exam especially when they start working in different clinical setting.