CNA Classes in Phoenix AZ

Anyone can be a certified nursing assistant in Phoenix Arizona as long as he/she finishes a state approved CNA Classes in Phoenix AZ and successfully pass the certification exam. Most of these programs have a total of 120 hours which can be finished in a few weeks or one semester. Although the cost will vary from $400 to $1500, there are some long-term care facilities that provide free training programs. Some of them even have a flexible payment plan and class schedules which are suitable for working individuals. To start the CNA classes in Phoenix, Arizona, here are some of the state approved schools.

Arizona Medical Training Institute

The Arizona Medical Training Institute offers a 120-hour CNA training program which is comprised of 40 clinical hours and 80 classroom/laboratory hours. This program costs $990 and includes all textbooks and laboratory materials as well as other supplies. Individuals who enrol in this program can choose between a three-week day class, a five-week evening class or a 6-week weekend class. This is a flexible option for those who are currently employed or assume a responsibility in any organization.

Glendale Community College

The CNA training program of Glendale Community College has a total of 44 hours long term clinical practice, 36 hours classroom lectures and 44 hours of laboratory sessions. This kind of program prepares students for their certification exam and career in any healthcare facility. The entire cost of Glendale Community College’s CNA training program can reach to $847, which also varies over time. There is an additional payment of $85 which is required upon taking the exam of Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Coconino Community College

Coconino Community College offers a training program for nursing assistants which is equivalent to 4 credit course. Students who enrol in the 40-hour CNA Classes in Phoenix AZ should finish a grade of B or higher. This will cost around $684 including laboratory materials, textbooks and many others. There will also be a fee of $115 for criminal background check and vaccinations, which are required in the application process for the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

GateWay Community College

GateWay Community College offers a CNA training program equivalent to 6 credits. This program is a combination of clinical laboratory sessions, skilled care, acute care exposure and clinical instruction. Students will need $1136 for the entire program which includes fees for textbooks and other related materials. Additional fees of $85 will apply once a student is applying for the certification exam of Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Gila Community College

The CNA Classes in Phoenix AZ of Gila Community College covers 18 credits provided in three different locations including San Carlos, Payson and Gila Pueblo. The program is a combination of laboratory instruction and classroom instruction, which has a total cost of $800. Licensing fee is $85 and this is added before the start of the program. Students enrolled in the CNA training program will learn several nursing skills necessary in providing quality healthcare services to patients in hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes and many others.