CNA Classes in Richmond VA

Certified Nursing Assistants are very helpful in different healthcare settings. They are the primary persons who interact with patients day by day. Although they are supervised by doctors and nurses, nursing assistants have a competitive salary in the state of Virginia. That is why, if you are looking for a stable career with a good pay, working as a CNA can be the best option. Before this becomes a reality, you have to take CNA classes in Richmond VA first and pass the state certification exam. This can be a little challenging but it will surely give you an opportunity to know the profession more.

Danville Community College

Danville Community College has two nurse aide training programs. The first one is the Nurse Aide Career Studies which has 9 credits and the second is the Advanced Nurse Aide Certificate program which has 24 credits. Both programs will cover several nursing topics like nutrition, anatomy, physiology, personal care, medical terminology, assessment and charting, allied health math, communication and other subjects.

Germanna Community College

Germanna Community College is located in Locust Grove with campuses in Stafford, Culpepper and Fredericksburg. The nurse aide education program in this institution has 18 credits and 120 hours of instruction. Classes will cover several nursing topics like therapeutic communication, patient care, health care technician skills and many others. Students admitted in this program have to finish the entire coursework before they can take the certification exam of the state.

J.Sargeant Reynolds Community College

This community college is situated in Richmond and offers a n 18-credit Healthcare Technician Career Studies Certificate Program. Aspiring nurse aids can successfully learn different skills and knowledge needed for their career and certification exam. Topics covered are medical terminology, phlebotomy, drug dosage calculations and many others.

Lord Fairfax Community College

The Lord Fairfax Community College admits more than 7,000 students per year and they are located in Middletown. The institution offers CNA Classes in Richmond VA which includes classroom lectures and laboratory work in one semester. Students can earn four credits after the program and they will be eligible to sit for the certification exam.

Mountain Empire Community College

The Mountain Empire Community College enrols over 3,000 students per year and they offer several career studies program including the CNA program. This CNA Class in Richmond VA is for aspiring nursing assistants have a total of 28 credit hours and it focuses mainly on first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, information systems, drug use and abuse, health care technician skills and many others.

New River Community College

The New River Community College offers CNA Classes in Richmond VA during fall semester. The school ensures to provide the best career studies certificate program so that students can become a certified nursing assistant in the state of Virginia. They will teach and train students several nursing knowledge and skills including medical terminology, gerontology and developmental psychology. After the program, students can take the certification exam and apply in different healthcare settings.