CNA Classes in San Diego

There is a growing number of unemployment rate in the United States and if you are one of those individuals who cannot find a job, give it a try to work in the medical field. Most healthcare facilities nowadays are in need of nursing assistants who will help nurses and doctors in performing different tasks for the patients. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is not that difficult and time consuming as anyone can think off. The CNA classes in San Diego only take a few weeks to complete in order to be qualified for the state certification exam. You just have to enrol in any of these institutions before you can start working as a nursing assistant.

San Diego, California provides vast opportunities for those who wished to work in the medical field. Certified Nursing Assistants are in demand to several healthcare facilities and they are often paid with a higher rate. Thus, if you wished to become a CNA, start undergoing a training program in a state approved institution and pass the certification exam. This maybe challenging but the CNA classes will let you learn the basic knowledge and skills needed for every nursing assistants.

Essential Information for Certified Nursing Assistants

To become a CNA in California, students should finish a state approved training program that has at least 100 hours of clinical training and 50 hours of classroom lectures. Before the admission, these students are required to attend a session for orientation and complete a pre-requisite course related to nursing assistants. Depending on the institution where they are enrolled, they may need to pass an interview process and provide a proof of negative criminal background check, TB tests, current immunizations and CPR certification.

Schools in San Diego offering CNA Classes:

Southwestern College

Southwestern College offers two types of CNA Classes in San Diego for aspiring certified nursing assistants. Both courses are equivalent to 8.5 credit units; which is a combination of classroom instruction and laboratory training. This program prepares nursing assistants to work in health care agencies like hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. They will learn several nursing skills including patient communication, basic patient care procedures, information acquisition and many others, in order to provide quality care to patients in need. The school ensures that all students who wish to pursue a nursing associate degree have to complete the entire CNA courses. Once the program is finished, one will be eligible to take the certification exam.
Moreover, nursing assistants who have the license and a CPR certification can also enrol in an acute care CNA program which basically helps CNA’s expand their knowledge and skills for any acute care settings. The coursework usually includes classroom lectures and clinical practice in a nearby hospital.

MiraCosta College

As a two-year public school, MiraCosta College offers home health aide certificate program in their Oceanside campus. This kind of CNA Class in San Diego equips the students with the basic nursing skills and right knowledge to pass the certification exam of the state. It is also an opportunity for them to be ready in the real world setting, especially when they will be working in patient homes, acute-care facilities and long term healthcare facilities. The training program offered by the school is a 6.5 unit course which requires students to complete 7.5 hours of lab work and 4 hours of lecture.
Furthermore, licensed CNA’s can also pursue a home health aide certificate at MiraCosta College. This is not an obligatory CNA Classes in San Diego for all but it allows graduates to work in elderly and disabled patients in home settings or any residential care facilities. The course is also a 6.5 units program which is composed of basic nursing skills, household services, personal care services and food preparation services.

Hacienda La Puente Education Center

Hacienda La Puente Education Center offers a 480-hour CNA training program at their Willow Center. The program allows students to gain knowledge and skills in working at a long-term hospital facility while completing their credentials as a nursing assistant. To be admitted for enrolment, students should complete a caregiver certification course first which usually has 60 hours of training and they have to pass oral and written interviews.

Lake Tahoe Community College

The eight-unit nursing assistant training program in Lake Tahoe Community College is usually offered in fall and can be finished in one quarter. Before the admission process, applicants have to attend an orientation session. But as the program starts, students have to complete classroom instruction and hands-on training at the Barton Memorial Hospital. They will also earn a certification on Basic Life Support particularly for Professional Rescuers.

Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College offers a five-credit nursing assistant program which lasts for six weeks. Students will be able to complete 54 hours of classroom sessions covering the basic nursing principles, and 108 clinical hours of hands-on experience in different healthcare settings. The training program is offered on summer and winter semesters and students are graded on a “pass” or “no pass” basis. Applicants should be 16 years or older and should pass the necessary requirements like vaccination records, negative TB results, zero criminal record and a high school diploma.

Rio Hondo College

Rio Hondo College offers a pre-certification program for nursing assistants that prepares students in caring geriatric patients. Applicants should finish a reading assessment test and should be 16 years older having a valid social security number. The program takes one-semester to complete and it is usually 64 hours of classroom lectures and 120 hours of hands-on training. Topics to be discussed include emergency care procedures, patient care skills, patient rights, vital signs, medical or surgical asepsis, death and dying and many others. After the program, students will be eligible to sit for the certification exam provided by the state of California.

Becoming a CNA in San Diego

The CNA certification exam is regulated and provided by the state. Nursing assistants who finished a program in any of these schools can take the exam and become eligible to work in different healthcare settings. Although it is a short course program, CNA’s can also pursue a higher degree such as nursing, when the time comes that they wished to upgrade their skills, knowledge and salary.