CNA Classes in Houston

There are a lot of individuals nowadays who are unemployed and are having a hard time seeking a job. Fortunately, the healthcare field offers vast opportunities for anyone who wished to have a stable career in Houston. Nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities are in need of Certified Nursing Assistants. To be a CNA, you have to finish a training program in any schools or accredited organizations and pass the certification exam provided by the state. Or in other words, you must pass CNA classes in Houston and then take your certification exam. When you have your certification, you can be eligible to work in any healthcare facilities in Houston.

CNA Classes at Senior Care Centers

The Senior Care Centers in Nashville and Whitesboro offers a free CNA classes that run for 75 hours of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical sessions. This is a great opportunity for individuals who wished to start a career in the healthcare field or who wanted to gain a stable and well compensated job in the state of Texas. The training program allows students to gain the necessary knowledge about nursing and the skills needed to perform different procedures in caring the sick patients and treating them while being admitted on a healthcare facility.

Park Manor Nursing Home

For those who wished to avail a no cost CNA classes training program in Houston, TX, Park Manor Nursing Home offers this opportunity all throughout the year. Slots are limited that is why anyone wishing to avail it should inquire and register beforehand. The good thing about the program is it allows students to learn and practice the necessary knowledge and skills of CNA’s. It also prepares them for the certification exam which is provided by the Nursing Board Registry of the state of Texas.

Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead Senior Care also offers a Houston based CNA classes in their facility. The training is more hands-on because it happens inside their facility but it also teaches students the right way of handling patients at different age groups particularly geriatric individuals. Those who look for opportunities in the healthcare field can start a training program for nursing assistants and make it a stepping stone towards another career in the future.

Austin Community College

The Austin Community College offers a scholarship program for aspiring nursing assistants. This scholarship costs $2500 which includes the fees for tuition, books and other nursing program expenses. Applicants granted for this scholarship should have a 2.5 GPA and pass the necessary requirements based on the given deadline of the institution. Those who cannot avail the scholarship can re-apply every year and should ensure to complete the needed documents.

Angelina College

There are also scholarship programs offered at Angelina College. If you wished to undergo a CNA classes in Houston without spending any dime, you can apply any of these opportunities from their institution. Students under the scholarship program will also learn the basic knowledge and skills for certified nursing assistants and they will be exposed in actual clinical setting. They are expected to perform well on classroom lectures and clinical exposure, especially during the state approved certification exam.