CNA Classes in Miami

Certified nursing assistants play an essential role in any healthcare facilities. They perform basic nursing procedures and assist other medical professionals in providing quality healthcare services to individuals in need. If you want to start this kind of career, you better know where the CNA classes in Miami are held. Through this, you will have an idea on how to jumpstart this profession and gain stability on your career growth and income. CNA’s are very much in needed in nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals and other facilities. Hence, you can always have an opportunity to be employed in Miami.

Requirements for Aspiring CNAs in Miami

Individuals who aspire to become a Certified Nursing Assistants in Miami should abide the state and federal laws regarding its requirements. They have to earn a high school diploma or should receive good scores on math and reading competency tests. Aside from that, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification is needed together with negative tuberculosis screening and proof of vaccinations.

Taking CNA Classes in Miami

Regardless of where you take the CNA class, the training program usually lasts for 8 weeks or less. The topics discussed in the entire class will cover subjects like anatomy, medical ethics, infection guidelines, patient rights, medical terminology, disease process and many others. This will also include nursing skills on pre and post operative cases, patient communication, patient hygiene and administrative duties.

Schools in Miami offering CNA Classes in Miami, FL:

Robert Morgan Educational Center

Robert Morgan Educational Center is a secondary public school which also offers vocational courses for aspiring nursing assistants. The training program is similar to any other institutions in Miama but they also have a 6-month study coursework for patient care technicians. This is an advance nursing assistant training program which is licensed by the state. Although not required to all aspiring CNA’s, students can pursue this kind of program to learn more skills and become equipped in the medical field.
To enrol in the program, an applicant should be 16 years or older and should pass the physical exams, criminal background checks and fingerprinting. Topics discussed are phlebotomy procedures, electrocardiograph training, nursing assistant skills and health sciences.

Sheridan Technical Center

Sheridan Technical Center offers regular CNA classes in Miami. It aims to prepare nursing assistants for their future career in different healthcare settings, especially the certification exam that will be given by the state. Students for the program have to undergo classroom sessions and hands-on training which will include safety and security procedures, personal patient services, nutrition, emergency response, phlebotomy, anatomy, medical terminologies and many others.

Lindsey Hopkins Technical Educational Center

This vocational school in Miami offers a career training program to adults and high school graduates who wished to become a certified nursing assistant and take Miami based CNA classes. The school partners with agencies like Miami Homeless Assistance Center, Miami Rescue Mission, and Miami Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in order to provide the students an opportunity to practice what they learned from the classroom sessions. Half of the program is taught in the clinical setting while the remaining half is within the classroom premises. Students can expect to learn several nursing skills in order to prepare them for the upcoming certification exam.